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Individual city tours through Vienna in German, Italian and English by trained tour guides.

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A city tour with ViennaViral is just as varied as the city itself

City tours with all the highlights

Join one of our popular guided tours through Vienna and discover our selected sights in the city.

Experienced, certified guides

After an intense and long education journey we are certified tour guides. We are allowed to guide you through the whole town, Schönbrunn and the national art history museum.

Private tours according to your wish list

You know exactly what you want to see? Just tell us and we will create a tour just for you!

Tours in English, Italian, German

Let us guide you in one of our three spoken languages: Allie will welcome you in italien, Siri will guide you in german through our wonderful capital. Englisch is like a second mother language for both of us.

A private tour tailored to your wishes


We fulfill your Vienna bucket list with a private city tour!

You have already joined Vienna City tours before and now want to see more, than the usual? But you don't really know what that might be? How about a guided tour in the national history of arts museum with an official artist as a tour guide? We will creat a tour just for you and your wishes - your tour, our storys!

You don't have to know exactly, what you want to see. Let's talk about your wishes and ideas, or what has to be on the tour and we will do the rest - organizing tickets and finding the perfect rout for you. 

Get excited about all the history, beauty and versatility Vienna hast to offer.

Private city tours through Vienna

A tour through the inner city with all the scandalous tea there is to spill

Discover Vienna's scandalous past on our exclusive 2.5-hour downtown walking tour for only 215€.

Dive into the world of the famous Hotel Sacher, learn about the dark secrets of the Blood Countess Elisabeth Báthory, and explore the controversial Looshaus.

Enjoy stories about the legal dispute over the original Sacher cake at Café Demel, uncover the incestuous tales of the Habsburgs at the Plague Column, and discover the Viennese Freemasons in Rauhensteingasse.

A tour full of history, scandals, and fascinating anecdotes, ideal for up to 15 participants. Experience the hidden sides of Vienna!

Pestsäule in Wien.jpeg
Kunsthistorises Museum Wien

The most important sights in one tour - in English and Italian

Discover the fascinating world of historical fashion on an exclusive private tour through the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.

Learn everything about fashion from the late Middle Ages to the 18th century on a 1.5 to 2-hour guided tour.

For only 180€ per person (plus museum admission), discover with a group of up to 6 people the secrets behind headwear, footwear, and the laws of fashion.

Dive into the world of beauty ideals of the past, learn more about bygone garments like corsets and ruffs, and explore the life of the iconic Marie Antoinette.

A must for every fashion and history enthusiast!

Private city tours through Vienna

Customer testimonials

Great tour with an interesting topic

Siri answered all our questions in every detail and took her time for every one of them. Her tour through the national history of arts museum was a great choice, diversified and she showed us so many details in every art piece! Was worth the money!

A Tour through the beauty of vienna

It was a beautiful experience and an excellent tour. Alessandra was just such a great guide, well-prepared and made every wish come true. She explained everything in detail without missing out!

Highly recommended!

Alessandra is a tour guide I can highly recommend - fun, entertaining and an expert. The topic tour "Vienna Noir" was super exciting!

It felt like a walk with a local, dear friend who knew a lot about the buildings, monuments, architecture, history and curiosities of the city. She had answers to all of our questions and also showed relevant photo material on her tablet. So the time flew by. We can absolutely recommend Siri with her warm Viennese manner, thumbs up!

Facts, knowledge and experiences

Viennaviral is a blog about culture, art and history in Vienna and surroundings.
Whether you are a history buff, or you’re simply into wine, we got you!

As our writers are licensed tour guides, we can guarantee you that there is always something for everyone.

Get curious!

Get inspired!

Read our stories, learn about our city:

About ViennaViral

Viennaviral is the result of two self-employed licensed tour guides, who amid the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic had decided to join forces.

Originally born as a blog, Viennaviral has now grown into a tour operator, merging the individual companies that the founders Allie and Siri started.


Viennaviral is a guarantee: the authors and founders work full time as licensed tour guides, committed to guaranteeing a different Vienna for each guest. Vienna, after all, has indeed something for everyone. Whether you are a history buff, or you’re simply into wine, we got you!


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Danke für's Absenden!

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